Echo Bearcat 3″ Wood Chipper



The SC3206 chipper/shredder is powered by a 206cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. The 21 lb. rotor operates at 3600 rpm at full throttle. Two reversible chipping blades and eight reversible shredding knives provide the most efficient method of turning tree, yard and garden debris into nutrient rich, user ready product.

ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredders use heat-treated chipping blades and shredding knives. The serrated edge shredding knives utilize a staggered pattern to maximize processing performance.

All ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredders feature a changeable discharge screen system. The optional discharge screens provide the user control over end product size, depending on the intended use.


How long will the chipper blades last on my chipper/shredder?
Depending on the type of wood, age and cleanliness, chipper blades will work well for between five and ten hours. Dry, dirty wood will dull the blades faster. Your rental will come with brand new blades, but if you require additional blades for your rental duration, we offer them for purchase.
What are the chipper/shredders designed for?
The ECHO Bear Cat chipper/shredders are designed to effectively reduce the volume of wood, leaves, and other organic material.
What is the maximum size of material will these machines chip or shred?
The ECHO Bear Cat 2″ chipper/shredder will chip up to 2″and shred up to 3/4″ diameter material. The ECHO Bear Cat 3″ chipper/shredders will chip up to 3″ and shred up to 3/4″ diameter material. The ECHO Bear Cat 5″ chipper/shredder will chip up to 5″ and shred up to 3/4″ diameter material.
When should I chip?
If you don’t plan composting the material, material is green and stringy or larger than 3/4″ in diameter.
When should I shred?
If you plan on composting or if the material is smaller than 3/4″, use the shredder. Shredding is also an efficient way to reduce the volume of leaves or prunings.
Max Chipping Capacity:
Max Shredding Capacity:
Feed System:
Gravity/Self Feed
Chipper Chute Throat:
3” x 3”
Shredder Hopper Opening:
12” x 25”
Chipping Blades:
2 Reversible
Rotor Size/Weight:
12”/21 lbs.
Shredding Knives:
L x W x H:
40” x 25” x 46”
195 lbs.
Drive Type:
Single Belt
Starter Type:
Briggs & Stratton OHV